Heli, Gaui X3 Basic Kit (CNC Tail Rotor Grips)

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Heli, Gaui X3 Basic Kit (CNC Tail Rotor Grips)

Heli, Gaui X3 Basic Kit (CNC Tail Rotor Grips)

Item No.:216002
X3 Basic Kit (CNC Tail Rotor Grips)
216002 - X3 Basic Kit (with CNC Tail Blade grips)
● The X3 Continues the X series of high-strength design with its 6mm main shaft 5mm spindle shaft, 4mm horizontal tail shaft and M2.5 screws, supports 315 ~ 360mm main rotor blades. These specifications exceed that of most standard 450 sized helicopters making it suited to the high loads of today’s extreme 3D flying.
● Head with integrated phase type Vanda design. Its’ all bearing design yields low drag and very smooth operation. Ball joint arms allow for convenient user adjustment.
● Integrated tail gearbox design developed on the X7 and X4. Double tail pitch control structure distributes forces more evenly on the tail shaft. Dual thrust bearing design leads to an exceptional smooth tail.
● Unilateral plate body design is very simple, ensuring accurate main shaft bearing installation, compact structure. 6mm thick main gear with a helical design give a large surface area for powerful motors (2221 ~ 2520) yet with exceptional quietness in use. Tail drive gear uses the same design as the X7 with a tail shaft direct drive bevel gear, the crown gear is also designed with a metal plate, to ensure a true and smooth running gear.
● Quick release battery rail mounting allows for simple and quick battery replacement. The battery is built into the body of the main frames which provides exceptional crash protection for the battery in a crash.
● The tail rotor servo is installed inside the frames and is compatible mini and micro servos.
 X3 Electronics Recommendation:
- Main Blades: 315mm to 360mm (Main blades not included in Kit)
 - Main blade grip: 5mm (thickness of blade root), hole 3mm.
 - Tail Blades: 62mm Plastic blades (included in Basic Kit).
 Recommended Motor specs. :
3S: 3400~4000kV BL motor
 6S: 1300~1900kV BL motor
 *GAUI spare part motor is Scorpion (optional purchase)
ESC: 3S~6S, Minimum 40Amp ESC
Battery Size: Maximum 110 x 34 x 34 mm (L x W x H)
 3S 11.1V 2000~2300mAh
 6S 22.2V 1000~1400mAh
CCPM Servos: Micro Size (23mm)
Tail Servo: Micro or Mini Size
Pinion not included in X3 Basic Kit as we do not know which motor spec. pilot will use. Customer must purchase pinion separately, depending on their motor. Pinion offered as spare parts 9T to 13T
X3 Gear Ratios (Pinion 9T~13T):
9T 14.55 : 1 : 4.69
 10T 13.10 : 1 : 4.69
 11T 11.90 : 1 : 4.69
 12T 10.91 : 1 : 4.69
 13T 10.07 : 1 : 4.69
*Important: Pinion Gear(s) are NOT included in X3 Basic Kits. Customers need to purchase PINIONS as optional part from distributors/dealers.

X3 versions that does not include a motor need to purchase optionally a pinion gear depending on the motor one plan to use.

The available pinions for X3 are as follows (Pinion 9T~13T) with drive gear ratio below:

9T 14.55 : 1 : 4.69
10T 13.10 : 1 : 4.69
11T 11.90 : 1 : 4.69
12T 10.91 : 1 : 4.69
13T 10.07 : 1 : 4.69


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