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  1. -18%
    Heli, TREX 470LT Dominator Super Combo
  2. -18%
    Heli, TREX 470LP Dominator Super Combo
  3. -21%
    Heli, TREX 800E Pro DFC Kit
  4. -19%
    Heli, TREX 450LP Dominator ARTF (AC)
  5. -36%
    Outlaw Power Reverse3D 25A Opto ESC
  6. -45%
    Invertix 400 3D Multicopter Combo Red
  7. -54%
    Trex700 Speed Fuselage Blue/White
  8. -54%
    Trex700 Speed Fuselage Blue/Yellow
  9. -42%
    Servo, Servoking BLS695 HV Brushless Standard Servo
  10. -13%
    Main Blade, Align 700mm Carbon Fiber
  11. -14%
    Charger, FTRC AC-DC 90W Single 6-Cell
  12. -31%
    Servo, Servoking DS995 Micro Servo
  13. -29%
    Servo, Servoking DS790 SHV Mini Servo
  14. -26%
    Servo, Servoking DS795i HV Mini Tail Servo
  15. -29%
    Servo, Servoking DS795 HV Mini Servo
  16. -29%
    Servo, Servoking DS685 HV Hi-Torque Standard Servo


Heli Combos & Kits

  • Heli Combo/Kits
  1. -18%
    Heli, T-Rex 150X TA
  2. -17%
    Heli, T-Rex 150X Combo
  3. -20%
    Heli, T-Rex 150X Super Combo
  4. -18%
    Heli, TREX 300X Super Combo RTF
  5. -19%
    Heli, TREX 300X Combo
  6. -19%
    Heli, TREX 450L Dominator Super Combo 6S
  7. -18%
    Heli, TREX 470LT Dominator Super Combo



Top Selling Products

  • Trex 150
Servo, Align DS155 Digital Servo
Servo, Align DS150 Digital Servo
Servo Gear, Align DS150/155 Servo Gear
Heli Part, Trex150 Main Gear 78T x2
Heli Part, Trex150 Main Shaft x2
Heli Part, Trex150 Feathering Shaft x3
Heli Part, Trex150 Linkage Rod Set
Heli Part, Trex150 Swashplate
Heli Part, Trex150 Metal Tail Motor Mount
Heli Part, Trex150 MT Tail Motor Assembly
Heli Part, Trex150 Tail Boom Red x2
Heli Part, Trex150 Tail Boom Set x2
Heli Part, Trex150 Spare Parts Pack
Main Blade, Trex150 120mm Black x4
Heli Part, Trex150 Motor Connector x2
Lipo, Align 30C 2S1P 7.4V 300mAh x2
Lipo, Align 30C 2S1P 7.4V 250mAh x2
Heli Part, Trex150 Swashplate Leveler
Micro Digital Pitch Gauge
Charger Cable, Parallel JST-XH (2S) with 4x JST-XH

(Last Update: 6 Jun 2020)